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The Reel Show - Black Widow

October 8, 2021

Returning to your screens and your ear-holes are The Reel Guys with this latest audio offering - taking a look at 2021’s Black Widow, this MCU Spy action film that shows the origins of one of The Avengers’ biggest takeaways - Black Widow. Scarlett Johansson is back as the title character and surrounded by a colourful cast of others. The Red Guardian, a Captain America-style Russian hero who’s passed his prime, to other members of the Black Widow program like her surrogate sister, Yelena. Against the forces of the Red Room and an army under the command of a rogue Russian General (played by Ray Winstone) Widow and her team must take on the sinister Taskmaster, his ability to be able to match the fighting style of anyone he encounters. The Reel Guys break down the story and character - and what could have influenced them from the comics and the greater Marvel universe.
In store this October - Spooky season! Where the Reel Guys check out all the latest Halloween content, from Netflix Specials to Lego Star Wars, a horror-themed Movie Versus and more!
Featuring music from Don McLean and Boney. M

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