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The Reel Show - Rogue One

April 30, 2021

To start the Star Wars themed month of May, the Reel Guys make good on their promise from the Oscars Review - Oscar Nominee Riz Ahmed stars in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - the first film to earn 10 Reels on the Reel Show. This non-linear review is fun and with a heap of banter and discussion! The Reel Guys recap the characters and look at everything from the lore and the development of the film, to the expanded Star Wars universe and the legacy of the film in comparison to the Sequel Trilogy. Picking their favourite characters and set-pieces from the film, they pick from trivia, Star Wars facts, items of lore and background to the events of the film. From your number one place on the airwaves and YouTube for pop culture debate, film, TV, video games and more! The Reel Show brings you weekly content on Siren Radio and the internet beyond.
Featuring music from Michael Giacchino’s Rogue One Soundtrack.

Broadcast on Siren Radio at 1400 Saturdays and 1900 Mondays.

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