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The Reel Show with Corey and Murray - Falcon and Winter Soldgier

June 4, 2021

Step back into the MCU with Disney Plus’s latest offering; Falcon and the Winter Soldier! The Reel Guys bring you another fantastic episode with laughs, banter and info on all your favourite shows. Following their review of WandaVision, Murray and Corey break down the characters, plots and mysteries to be found in the 6 Episodes of the new season. They’ll discuss everything from the characterisation of heroes like the Falcon to villains like Baron Zemo. It’s an episode full of hot takes and hopes for the future. The Reel Show brings you the latest news and review from the worlds of TV, film and more. Anything that puts the ‘see’ in C-inema, the Reel Guys are after it! Star Wars month came to a spectacular and star-studded end but now it’s time to sit back over the Summer with your favourite Reel Guys.
Featuring music from Mozart from the soundtrack to Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Broadcast on Saturdays at 1400 and Mondays at 1900

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