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The Reel Show with Corey and Murray - Hoodwinked

August 27, 2021

After a rating from Corey on a Reel Show episode a few weeks ago - the coveted 10 Reels was given to 2005’s Hoodwinked. Starring Glenn Close, Anne Hathaway and Patrick Warburton, Corey and Murray take a look at the biggest cinematic tragedy ever animated. Will the rating change? Will the most rage-filled episode of the Reel Show go down in the history books as one of the greats? Stay tuned folks. This episode is a real cracker! With jokes and banter in store, Murray & Corey bring their signature enthusiasm to their a very unique instalment of everyone’s favourite film review, pop culture, TV discussion and debate show. ‘Hoodwinked’ is the infamous animated re-telling of the story of Little Red Riding Hood and her friends. The Wolf, the woodsman and Granny all appear - but at a crime scene, the police and a famous frog detective arrive to solve the attempted kidnapping. The stories meld together with characters like a cursed Goat, a team of ski experts, and a bunny rabbit.
Featuring music from Green Day and Simon & Garfunkel

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