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The Reel Show - with Corey and Murray - School of Rock

September 24, 2021

Time to strap in and get ready to take attendance at the School of Rock! Jack Black leads this rocking musical film from the great year of 2003, with a cast of child actors and a school full of kids who’ve never learned how to rock. Black plays Dewey Finn, a down-on-his-luck metalhead who dreams of creating the perfect band. But when his roommate is away, he takes a job as a substitute teacher and takes the class on - teaching them his own way! They learn the skills and enter Battle of the Bands! The Reel Guys review and offer their take on the film, after it earned the coveted 10 Reels from Corey. The 10 Reels clause grants School of Rock it‘s own dedicated episode! The Reel Guys bring you the latest from the film world - looking at old classics and new releases from TV and cinema. Playing some songs from famous soundtracks and offering a unique, Podcast-style take on your favourite offerings! This incredible fusion creates The Reel Show! For your listening pleasure. Corey and Murray strive to give you the best content every week from the cinemagraphic world of the big, silver and small screen!
Featuring music from AC/DC and Stevie Nicks.

Broadcast on Siren Radio at 1400 Saturdays and 1900 Mondays.

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