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The Reel Show wityh Corey and Murray - Muppet Christmas Special

December 24, 2021

Tonight on the Reel Show - the Reel Guys bring you a Christmas special by talking about the Muppet Christmas classic, Muppets Christmas Carol and all the fun and hilarity that ensues! - Kermit the Frog plays Bob Crachit, and Michael Caine shines as Scrooge. The Reel Guys discuss the Christmas period and the greatest Christmas Coral adaptations. Corey and Murray break down the jokes and the gags of the singing puppets. The Muppets are back this Christmas - with a great film and a Christmas classic. This Holiday Season brings the Christmas cheer! With Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear, along with Tiny Tim! The Rats and Gonzo serve as your narrator along their festive journey. The Reel Guys review the film and talk about their favourite Christmas experiences and films.
Broadcast on Siren Radio at 1400 Saturdays and 1900 Mondays.

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