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The Rewilding of Doddington Hall

June 5, 2021

Saturday 5th June 2021- the day that the United Nations launched its #GenerationRestoration Decade on Ecosystem Restoration campaign, Doddington Hall, near Lincoln, revealed its plans for ‘Wilder Doddington’, a long-term project that will see ecosystem recovery across the entire 770ha estate.

The Hall and grounds, as well as the shops and restaurants, is a favourite gem for visitors of all ages from across Lincoln, the county and the UK.  And now the team at Doddington is embarking on ambitious plans to, in their words, "encourage natural processes to operate at a large scale, and it will result in the development of wood pasture, wetland and species-rich grassland across the previously extensively drained and conventionally farmed arable estate."

This is not a short-term fix as Claire Birch from Doddington Hall has been explaining to Siren Radio's Andrew David.  With the help of external partners, including the University of Lincoln, they are in for the long haul - 100 years and counting.

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